L Series: Deep Space Neptune

Blenders Eyewear

  • S$49.90

The L-Series frames are constructed of injection moulded thermoplastic memory polymer that can be put under extreme pressure and still return to its original shape. They are made strong so that you won't have to worry about breaking or deforming them, even under extreme temperatures. This comes in handy especially if you leave them in your car on a hot day or you live in Antarctica. 

The L-Series can take any beating you may throw at it. The arms have unbreakable ball joint hinges with no moving parts or screws that help prevent permanent damage, and can actually be interchanged for those looking to customize their frame colours. If you happen to sit or step on them (YIKES!), the ball joints safely detach and can be easily snapped back into place with no repairs or replacement necessary. These are especially recommended for adults with medium to large sized heads.

All products ship with a protective microfiber pouch.

Frame: Matte Black with Gloss Black details
Lens: Ice Blue Mirror Lenses with UV 400 Protection, FDA approved Impact Resistant Lenses
Dimensions: 140mm (front), 48mm (tall), 133mm (arms)

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